What is futsal?

Futsal is the only form of 'indoor football' or 'five-a- side' that is officially approved by FIFA and Football Federation Australia. It's one of the fastest growing sports in the world, is played in over 100 countries and boasts millions of players around the world.

The name "Futsal" comes from the merging of the Spanish/Portuguese words for football (Futbol or Futebol) and the French or Spanish word for "Indoor" (Salon or Sala). Following changes at international level between FIFA (Federation Internationale Football Association) and FIFUSA (Federation of Internationale De Futbol Sala) the sport became united with the outdoor version of the game, in 1989.

The game of Futsal is played on a firm, flat surface on a court ranging in size from that of a standard basketball court to the full FIFA International size of 40 x 20 metres. The special feature of the game is the unique properties of the ball, which has a low rebound. The game develops close individual ball skills as the court is small and players are forced into limited space & option scenarios.

Futsal was introduced to Australia in 1972 by Dawn Gilligan , then working at the Revesby YMCA. The year before was a wet soccer season and Dawn had heard about Futsal 'indoor soccer' and introduced it to the centre.

The sport slowly spread to the other states Games are usually fast-paced, with players receiving more touches and are constantly placed in demanding decision making, limited space situations that they would face on a greatly reduced scale playing 11-a side outdoor soccer. Because the sport is a great skill developer, demanding quick reflexes, fast thinking, and pinpoint passing, it is an exciting game for children as well as adults.

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